Grateful Tastes, a family business, has set the mission of bringing delicious hyper local New England grown produce from all seasons and harvests, to our consumers families and into their homes. Each of our versatile, small batch family recipes are crafted with freshly picked, seasonally available produces, certified organic cane sugar, and an all natural & vegan pectin.

Simply put, we craft artisanal spreads for more than just breads!

We supply not only the assurance of its safety and proper care, but also the origin and story of how each product came to be, from field, mountain, valley or family farm, to your table in the time honored preservation practices of our family.

You can easily access all our recipe and use ideas along with our most important links at

To place a market preorder, please review the selected offerings below and send us an email with:

Your full name
What you would like
Pickup date & market
(Email & schedule available below)

Upon confirming your order we will send you a secure Square payment link by email for payment. Preorders will not be taken for COD. All orders must be sent by Noon (12pm EST) the day prior to event. Orders must be picked up per the scheduled dates prior to the end of the scheduled market. All orders not picked up will be assessed applicable restocking and card processing fees before refund is processed. Markets cancelled due to sever/inclement weather or hazards will be rescheduled or refunded.

Have jars to return? We are now happily accepting all jar returns for our own containers!

Return five (5) each 3.53oz jars and receive FREE one (1) 3.53oz jar (limit 1 exchange per purchase).
Return five (5) each 8oz jars and receive FREE one (1) 8oz jar (limit 1 exchange per purchase).
Return any 1lb or 2.5lb honey jar and receive $1 OFF with the purchase of any size honey (limit 1 exchange per purchase).

For returns of larger quantities, please email us to arrange prior to bringing to market locations.
Only clean, undamaged, glassware with the jar and lid (for transport only to protect glass) showing our label will be accepted.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Upcoming Markets

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Season Specials

Jellies: now in stock (3.53oz / 100g size available): +(8oz / 225g size available)

Caramelized Onion & Garlic +
Pear ((Limited Edition - 3.53oz only) while supplies last)
Liam's Local Lemon ((Limited Edition - 3.53oz only) while supplies last)

Beach Plum (Returning later this year...)
Black Cherry (Returning this fall...)
Gingerbread Spice (Returning this fall...)
Liam's Local Blood Orange (Sold Out - not returning this season)
Pumpkin Spice (Returning this fall...)
Rose Hip (Returning this fall...)

Jams: now in stock (3.53oz / 100g size available): +(8oz / 225g size available)

Apple Pie +
Blueberry Basil Honey +
Dark Sweet Cherry +
Jalapeno - Honey +
Maple - Ginger - Pear +
Raspberry +
Strawberry - Balsamic +

Cape Gooseberry (Sold Out)
Pawpaw (Returning this fall...)
Smoked Peach (Returning later this year...)

Preserves (3.53oz / 100g size available): +(8oz / 225g size available)

Cranberry - Honey +
Maple Blueberry +
Salted Red Wine & Onion +
Smoked Apple - Habanero +
Strawberry - Rhubarb +

Peach Cobbler (Returning later this year...)
Raspberry - Rhubarb (Sold Out)

Pricing for our Artisanal Spreads for more than just breads:

Any Single Jar $8
(1) - 3.53oz / 100g Jar :

Any ThreeJars $20
(3) - 3.53oz / 100g Jars : ($5/ea)

Whole Case of 3.53oz Jars. $70

Any Single Jar $12
(1) - 8oz / 225g Jar :

Any Three Jars $30
(3) - 8oz / 225g Jar :

Raw Local Honey:

1/4 lb Jars: $8 (available in 3.53oz combo)
2/3 lb Jars: $12 (available in 8oz combo)
1 lb Jars: $16/ each
2.5 lb Jars: $30/ each

Pure Grade A Maple Syrup from SMD Pure Maple Syrup:

128oz In Plastic: $75/each (pre-order only)
64oz In Plastic: $45/each (pre-order only)
32oz In Plastic: $25/each
16oz in Plastic: $15/each
12oz in Glass: $14/each
8oz in Glass: $11/each

Whiskey Barrel Aged Grade A Amber syrup!
8oz in Glass: $20/each

Owner and Operator

Tom Taylor

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For bulk wedding/shower favors & all other custom orders, please email us to receive our order form & details.

We will do our best to accommodate all specialty orders in a timely fashion, based on our schedule, as well as the seasonal & market availability for the necessary produces.