Grateful Tastes, a family business, has set the mission of bringing delicious American grown produce from all seasons and harvests, coast to coast, to our consumers families and into their homes.

We supply not only the assurance of its safety and proper care, but also the origin and story of how each product came to be, from field, mountain, valley or family farm, to their table in the time honored preservation practices of our family.

Upcoming Markets

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Season Specials

Jellies: now in stock (100g/3.53oz size available): $5/ each

Caramelized Onion & Garlic
Chambourcin Rose Wine (Aaronap Cellars - MA)
Empire Apple
French Roast Coffee
Ghost Pepper
Gingerbread Spice
Pumpkin Spice
Zinfandel Wine (Aaronap Cellars - MA)

Jams: now in stock (100g/3.53oz size available): $5/ each

Blueberry - Honey
Jalapeno - Honey
Smoked Apple
Strawberry Balsamic
Strawberry - Honey

Preserves (100g/3.53oz size available): $5/ each

Apple - Honey
Cranberry - Honey
Salted Red Wine & Onion (Aaronap Cellars - MA)

Raw Local Honey from DJ’s Pure Natural Honey:

2.5 lb Jars: $30/ each
1 lb Jars: $15/ each
1/4 lb Jars: $5/ each

Pure Maple Syrup from Cragged Mountain Maple:
(Available in Grade A Dark Robust)

16.9oz Glass: $15/each
12oz Glass: $12/each
8oz Glass: $9/each

Owner and Operator

Tom Taylor

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For bulk wedding/shower favors & all other custom orders, please email us to receive our order form & details.

We will do our best to accommodate all specialty orders in a timely fashion, based on our schedule, as well as the seasonal & market availability for the necessary produces.